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There were 14 people in our little contingent sitting in our favorite spot along the Parade Route.  Three of us are gay; the other 11 are straight neighbors and friends who were with us showing love and support and total acceptance on every level one could ever hope for.  We arrived early to nab a parking spot and our favorite part of the sidewalk along 6th Avenue in the shade. We watched folks dressed in festive rainbow attire, couples walking hand in hand and laughter was in the air everywhere you went.

Almost every person you passed smiled and said “Happy Pride,” and Susan looked at me and said: “I love that everyone says Happy Pride, it’s like they’re saying Happy Birthday to us.”  I’d never thought of it in those terms, however, for a gay and lesbian your life really does start the day you “come out,” and what is more festive and celebratory than a big gay parade? So Happy Pride now seems even more appropriate!

Even before the troops rounded the corner of University Avenue and started down 6th Avenue the tears started to flow. I knew they were coming, I could hear the roar of the thousands of people who had lined the parade route.


And then – there they were passing by me these active duty Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard personnel walking proud in their uniforms.  But, these weren’t just any active duty military personnel, these were gay and lesbians in their finest uniforms walking down the parade route in front of thousands of people. Proud of their uniform, proud of their country feeling the love and pride of those of us who rose to our feet to clap and yell and whistle for them. It was a moment frozen in time for me.  I never imagined seeing it in my lifetime, and yet – there they were.

It was a moment for those of us who are homosexual to realize that the world really is changing, and for those who are heterosexual to understand how hard the battle has been and how ridiculous the prejudice against us has been.

I ran on to the street and hugged my friends who walk every year with the Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community float. They are loving, sweet, kind, wonderful friends who quietly live their faith striving for peace, love and equality for everyone.

There was a Mormon group walking this year for the first time ever.  They carried a banner which read: “Mormons for Marriage Equality, and held signs saying: “This Mormon loves you,” and “Sorry, we’re late.” They were cheered and accepted by everyone along the parade route

Was there loud booming music and men dancing in their underwear? Of course, what Pride Parade would be complete without that? There was even this foam throwing truck that covered men and women inside with foam – I have no idea what it represented, but it was fun and festive. If you go to a Pride Parade expecting to not see craziness, then you really shouldn’t go!

The 300ft gay flag at the end of the parade is always my moment to stand alone in the crowd of thousands and cry. It’s my moment to remember the first time I touched that flag and knew that my life had changed. It’s my moment to watch the people walk by me under and around this flag and watch as it comes to life going down 6th Avenue.  It floats up and down as people join in and help bring it to life. Just like my life as people come into it with love and acceptance and help bring me to life.

Happy Pride everyone!

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So this morning as we were surfing through the hundreds of channels on our television trying to find something that would fill that Sunday morning lazy feeling – we happened upon a show about being a mistress.  Now these weren’t just any mistresses these were celebrity mistresses.

I sat quietly through as much as the show as I could but when one of these women told us that she was comfortable with who she was and what she did – I had to get up and walk away.  To think she felt her life was perfectly normal going from affair to affair with no concern or compassion for the turmoil she may have left in her wake almost made my head explode.

I’m no angel – and I’ve made my mistakes in my life – some I’m not particularly proud of and quite frankly some I’m not comfortable with. I’ve made my apologies where I felt they were necessary and I’ve walked away from people and situations that were not healthy on many levels. Still – I hurt people who were totally innocent because I was selfish. The thing is – I learned from these mistakes and didn’t make them again.

I question why don’t women care more about other women than they do?  When you sleep with a married man – do you not understand that you’re hurting another woman?  Oh yes, the man is cheating on his wife, but what are you doing?

What I don’t understand is why the women who are having the affair don’t understand the anger of the cheaters wife.  The man cheats on his wife – he leaves his wife for his mistress – he marries his mistress – and the new wife, his ex-mistress, doesn’t understand the anger of the ex-wife and his children, if he has children.  Seriously? You don’t understand? Personally I believe the ex-wife has the right to be angry and bitter and hateful for the rest of her life.  She wasn’t only betrayed by her husband – she was betrayed by another woman.

The world shouldn’t be about who comes out on top – so to speak! You marry someone because you believe they will be honest and faithful in all things – especially when it comes to sex. There is nothing more personal than sex. Nothing that leaves you more vulnerable, more emotionally raw than sex.  And nothing will hurt you more when you know the person you share your bed with also shares another woman’s bed. If you don’t have that honesty – that intimacy – what exactly is it that you do have?

And why do women take that intimacy away from other women? And – if he cheats on his wife what makes you believe he won’t cheat on you? And how can you cheat with the husband of a woman who is your friend? Does the sex matter more than the friendship? Will the man and his penis be the thing that comforts you when your world falls apart or will it be the love, compassion and friendship of the women in your life? Why don’t we put more emphasis on that bond between women? Why don’t we respect that more than we do?

The show this morning about the Celebrity Mistress was a mockery of marriage, and a kick in the face to faithful women everywhere. I just don’t understand that sort of disrespect women have for other women.

I suppose the next thing will be the Mistress Idol show with married men judges and a married celebrity waiting in the wings with a single red rose for his conquest!

And it’s “the gays” who are ruining marriage…

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