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I’m anxious about this week.  I’m concerned that no matter what the Supreme Court Justices decide the LGBTQ Community, which includes Susan and me, will have to deal with the backlash. Once again we will be placed in a position of people loving us and hating us all at the same time.

Those of you who are straight and married – imagine every day having to wonder what it would be like to think of the relationship you share with your husband/wife in terms of being taken away from you. Imagine if someone just said – Oh, this marriage – your marriage – it doesn’t count – this love you feel – well – it’s just wrong and you are ruining the values of our Country.

Imagine loving your children more than life itself and doing anything and everything you can to protect them and teach those children values and morals and love of Country only to have the government of said Country tell you that you aren’t “fit” to raise your own children.

Imagine having a loving family/home/life and then having nothing because you said the words: “I’m gay.”  Imagine being told you were special and loved and you would always be cared for – only to have that all taken away in the blink of an eye simply because of who you are.

Imagine growing up in a church that taught you to love your neighbor and how Jesus was all about love.  Imagine being baptized and taking the classes and being confirmed and singing in choirs from beginners to Senior.  Imagine that this was the only church your family every attended and sat in the same pew week after week.  Then imagine that same church turning its back on you, making you unwelcome and pretty much throwing you under the Satan bus.

I don’t have to imagine those things – this was my life.  This is my life still on some level.  Change is coming – for good or for bad – change is coming.

Still – I’d like you to try to imagine these things and then maybe you can understand why I am anxious…

For all of you who do more than you will ever know to support me – I love you all more than I can ever put into words.  Thank you.

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If any of you are still wondering why it is I’m still writing about gay rights and equality and homophobia and tolerance – let me share with you an experience I had just last evening.

There was a discussion on Facebook about the Boy Scouts and the fact that they were excluding gays. It all was started by a statement that simply stated that the Boy Scouts had a lot of nerve not allowing gays to join when they have scout masters that sexually abuse their members.

I agreed with that statement, but others did not.  I’m just going to copy and paste here so you can see that I’m not making this up.

  • D: I would consider a man who rapes a boy a homosexual predator. So that may be their logic ?
  • ME:  You do know that every homosexual does not rape boys, right? You do know that straight men also rape boys, right? Does the name Jerry Sandusky ring a bell with you?
  • D:  Straight men rape boys ……….. wow you gotta be a liberal.
  • Me:  Actually D – I’m simply an American who cares about the facts and the truth. You might want to get your facts straight – unless, of course you don’t care about the facts or the truth. 98% of males who raped boys reported that they were heterosexual. [Sexual Abuse of Boys, Journal of the American Medical Association, December 2, 1998]
  • D:  Sorry Barb but when one male sticks his penis somewhere in another male he is gay. LOL …LIBS !
  • D:  Still laughing OMG

I stopped my conversation at this point because well – you just can’t fight stupid.

I’m trying not to judge because I know this person is allowed their opinions and feelings, but I am totally amazed at the ignorance involved here.

I could sit with this person for the rest of my life and show them fact and figures and studies and all the information I could find about this subject and they would never see the truth. They would never see it, because it’s not their truth.

It’s not on their wheel of things to ever believe. This person’s wheel is full of ignorance and homophobia, intolerance and hatred, and sadly, they will pass that wheel of fortune on to their children and grandchildren and the cycle will continue for generations.

And therein lies the problem with racists and homophobes and any of the other ists and phobes that exist in our world today; Ignorance and a lack of wanting to know the facts about something or someone.

Yes, I must be a liberal because I have a brain and common sense and I like to know that what I say is true and not some made-up, fear-mongering babble.

But – I’m not judging…  “Still laughing OMG.”

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