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My Breakup with the National Football League

This morning I made the decision to break up with the NFL – The National Football League. I’ve been having a love-hate affair with the NFL for well over 50 years, and finally – I have had enough. It’s sad … Continue reading

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Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

When did we stop caring about one another? When did the welfare of others escape from our view of the world? And when did we become so mean? I knew when I started writing columns for online newspapers that not … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving for Orphans

I understand I’m not the first child to have buried both of their parents; it’s just that this is the first Holiday in which this is the reality for me. My father passed in July of 2010, and I buried … Continue reading

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The Lessons of Las Vegas.

I wonder if the people who go to Las Vegas know that the United States is facing an economical challenge. I also wonder if they know and understand that people are not supposed to have money to burn. I only … Continue reading

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We Are… Penn State…

I think that one of life’s hardest lessons is realizing that someone is not at all what you believed them to be.  All of us create these idealistic images in our heads and our hearts about people without really knowing … Continue reading

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The Pastor Says: Go And Do Good Works – Just be sure and vote against the Gays…

I had decided yesterday that I was done writing about gay issues for a little while. I was going to give myself a break. When I opened my eyes at 6:30 this morning, the rain had stopped, the sun was … Continue reading

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How many people have to die before we will talk about alcohol addiction?

Do you think we well really ever address the issue of alcohol in this country? Ever? Does it say nothing to you that when watching an NFL football game we have to endure commercials that sell us beer, drugs so … Continue reading

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