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Love Wins – Pride 2019

San Diego Pride 2019 has come and gone, and I’m left with very mixed emotions. Sad that it’s all over, happy that I was part of something so joyful and loving and so very powerful, and uncertain as to what … Continue reading

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Love Matters

I stopped writing on this blog in June, 2017. I’m not sure why I stopped, but, I do know I was tired of the lies, and the hate, and I feared the path our Country was starting to travel. So … Continue reading

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The Funeral On The Hill

Susan and I went to a funeral yesterday. It’s not something one looks forward to, but a sweet friend had lost her Father, and we wanted to be there to lend our support and love for our friend and her … Continue reading

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Life is about Love…

Each of us have moments that are life affirming. Moments that make you understand why you’re here, and exactly what it is that matters in your life.  Yesterday I had one of those moments… I was standing in the mist, … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry

So, here I am – this baby booming, white woman wondering what it is I can say about the unrest in America that will not upset anyone on any level. Seems to me – no matter what I might say, … Continue reading

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Which Wolf Do You Feed?

I recently read this Native American tale that tells the story of a young boy speaking with his grandfather. One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.He said, “My son, the battle … Continue reading

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Life is about Your Choices – Choose Wisely.

Perhaps the answers to life lie in not where we’re going, but where we have been. And maybe not so much where we have been, but who was there with us – who traveled the road with us. Who ran … Continue reading

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