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This election is one of these moments in time when you have to look yourself in the mirror and ask the reflection you see just what it is you believe in.

You have to ask yourself if you want to keep perpetuating the anger and hate and blame and bigotry and homophobia, or do you want to rise above that and vote for acceptance and tolerance and citizenship.

There are a great many people in our country who will choose the path of hate, and hate is really is what it’s all about. If you ask any of the Mitt Romney supporters what he plans on doing about the tax policy, they can’t tell you. They can’t tell you because they don’t know. They don’t know because Romney doesn’t know. He has been real clear about not revealing his plan until after the election. Think about that: You have no clue how he will reform the tax policy – and then think of what sort of mind-set it would take to cast a vote for this man.

Mitt won’t discuss abortion – but you know that he was once pro-abortion and is now pro-life. But don’t ask him or his wife – they won’t discuss it because that isn’t what this election is about. Mitt is for an amendment to the Constitution to make marriage be between a man and a woman – but don’t ask him or his wife any questions about that — they won’t discuss it because it isn’t what this election is about. Mitt’s economic plan is to give more tax breaks to the rich and raise taxes on the middle class. Do you know his plan for Afghanistan? Do you know what his foreign policy is all about? Ask yourself what exactly it is you do know about this man – other than what he is against, which is: gays, women, Medicare and Social Security.

If you really know nothing about Romney and his plan for America, one must ask oneself, am I voting for Romney or am I just voting against President Barack Obama? And if you say yes to the later, then you must ask yourself why it is you are voting against President Obama? Is it the economy? Is it the whole gay-marriage thing? Is it his belief that a woman has the absolute right to equal pay? Is it his belief that a woman should make her own choice when it comes to abortion? Is it his stand on Afghanistan? Is it because he bailed out the auto industry? Is it his decision to kill Osama Bin Laden? Is it the fact that he ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and gave gays and lesbians the freedom to serve their country openly? Or, is it simply the color of his skin?

One cannot ignore the race question when it comes to this election. I’ve seen too many websites filled with racist cartoons and hate-filled rhetoric for me not to believe that we are still a nation filled with bigots who believe that gays, women and people of a certain color and religion have their place and need to be kept there.

Sadly, the Republican Party plays on that with their anti-gay, non-Christian-baiting, women-hating, “let them eat cake” platform. The folks who don’t know Wall Street from Main Street only know that this is the party that validates their hatred of gays, women and religions they don’t understand.

This is the party to associate yourself with if you want to own guns you don’t need, and have enough ammunition to kill whoever and whatever you want a hundred times over. This is the party to cling to if you want to blame everyone but yourself for what you perceive to be wrong in America.

Mitt and his party will take us down the road of hate, bigotry and towering fences at our borders. The poor will get poorer and the middle class will be no longer. You’ll have to leave the country to find a job, and anything with the stamp “Made in America” will be called nostalgia.

My fellow travelers in the gay community, our time is now. Our time is now to stand and be counted. Our time is now for you to be proud of who you are as a person and who we are as a community. Our time is now to vote as if our future depends on it, for it most surely does.


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Yesterday morning I wrote this: “When the current President says his feelings on gay marriage are evolving – what does that mean? You either support it – or you don’t.  If The President can’t – or more to the point – won’t – make a decision and express it to the country – why on earth would we expect the people who live here to be any more accepting than the President?”

I can no longer say that. For the first time in the history of the United States, a sitting President has had the courage to voice his support for gay marriage.  I’m proud of him for having the courage to do the right thing.

Yes, it’s huge, and yes, it does give us validation, but realistically – what exactly has changed for the gay community?

The folks, who hate us, still hate us. The laws of the land which discriminate against us are still the laws of the land and continue to discriminate against us. This personal evolution by the President will do nothing to change the hearts and minds of the haters, for they will hate no matter what. My concern is that President Obama’s walk on the gay side will only inflame the fires of those who wish to see us rotting in their little version of hell and spur them into an anti-gay Flash Mob at the polls in November. President Obama losing this election would set gay rights, women’s rights, and all sorts of legislation concerning the rights of many American’s back decades.

It’s important to understand that politically, President Obama did not have to make this statement of support to the gay community. He may have pissed us off on occasion, but when push came to shove he totally had the support of the gay community. Obviously, he didn’t do it for political gain; he did it because it was the right thing for him to do as a man; as a human being.  I don’t believe you can be President of the United States and stand for anything but equality for all Americans.

Every gay/lesbian/transgender person has a story to tell. Every one of us has evolved in our own lives at our own pace. Some threw caution to the wind and followed their bliss from the moment they knew they were gay. Some, like me, knew we were gay and still, for all the wrong reasons – family, religion, and culture – we decided to hide our gayness under a bush (so to speak!) The journey isn’t always easy and there is always the possibility that you will lose more than you could possibly imagine. However, what you will gain in self-respect and inner peace will far outweigh the negatives.

As I’m writing this – I’m sitting at my neighborhood Starbucks and the couple sitting beside me is talking to their teenage son about President Obama and his support of gay marriage.  They aren’t happy, they are talking religion, and they are talking sending money to the Romney campaign. I’m hearing the words liberal, fags, uppity…   I’m thinking the words racist, homophobic, ignorant…  I want to tap the woman on her shoulder, point at myself and say: “gay.”  Before I found the courage to do just that their son told them to “shut-up” and he walked out.  This young man restores my faith in the young!

These two ignorant fools aren’t the anti-gay flash mob I spoke of, but, it is the beginning of the backlash that will come as hope and change become a reality here in the United States of America.  There is still much work to be done; there are still many changes that need to be made politically, socially, monetarily, religiously, educationally, and a whole lot of other lly’s.

But on this day; I will stand a little taller, feel a little prouder to be an American, and be thankful I have a President who has the character and courage to support me – a gay American.

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