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A Birthday Gift for Annie.

For her Birthday my friend Ann asked that we spend some time loving someone who is difficult for us to love. She said we didn’t have to forgive or hang out with them – she just wanted us to think … Continue reading

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In the end – the only thing that matters – is love.

Susan and I celebrate 32 years together on this day, May 1, 2013. We chose May 1 for reasons that we have chosen to keep between each other, just know that if we could have 32 years ago – we’d … Continue reading

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The Art of Maturing

I got an email this morning from my ex-husband.  Whenever I turn on the computer and see his name in the in-box, my heart stops for a few seconds. See – We rarely speak and when we do it isn’t … Continue reading

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Why do women not respect other women when it comes to men?

So this morning as we were surfing through the hundreds of channels on our television trying to find something that would fill that Sunday morning lazy feeling – we happened upon a show about being a mistress.  Now these weren’t … Continue reading

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