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I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a Holiday person – however – this year for the first time in a very, very long time, I hate to see it all end.  

Yes, you heard me – I hate to see it end…

I suppose the fact that our two youngest Grandchildren had to sit in bed with us Christmas morning  until Mommy and Daddy arranged all the gifts that Santa had managed to bring down the chimney helped add more joy than I could have imagined to the festivities.

There was talk of coal in the stockings because they had been bad on occasion, and talk of how Santa could manage to find every child and the hope in their eyes of getting what they had written in their note to Santa.

I looked at these kids filled with wonder and excitement all cuddled into bed with us and I looked at Susan and I felt a peace that I had never experienced before. My heart was full.  At that moment – I knew this was the Christmas I had always wanted.  A Christmas filled with love and acceptance and happiness. No expectations, no arguments, no complications.  Just love and laughter.

The gifts all wrapped in paper were wonderful – however – it was the gift of those moments, all cuddled in that bed on Christmas morning with Susan and Teagan and Finn that will live in my heart.

This is my wish for everyone – moments of love and joy that fill your heart ♥

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