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Mother’s Day without a Mother.

Mother’s Day – I knew it was coming – The reminders have bombarded my email inbox for a few weeks now.  Proflowers has been reminding me of Mother’s favorite bouquet – and did I know I haven’t sent her any … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving for Orphans

I understand I’m not the first child to have buried both of their parents; it’s just that this is the first Holiday in which this is the reality for me. My father passed in July of 2010, and I buried … Continue reading

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The Art of Maturing

I got an email this morning from my ex-husband.  Whenever I turn on the computer and see his name in the in-box, my heart stops for a few seconds. See – We rarely speak and when we do it isn’t … Continue reading

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…To my Daddy – Happy Father’s Day, Wherever You Are…

So, this Sunday will be the second year without my father here to wish him a Happy Father’s Day.  It gets easier every year without him here; still there are times when I find myself picking up the phone to … Continue reading

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What Parents Do To Their Children

I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about parents, and what they do to their children.  It’s the things they do on purpose to hurt their child, and sometimes the things they do without knowing, and sometimes, it’s the things … Continue reading

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