Chick-Fil-A – It Was About Everything Except The Chicken…

Now that the Chick-Fil-A dust has settled a bit, do we all understand what the whole boycott thing was all about?

If you are saying; Religion – you would be correct.  If you are saying; Free Speech – you would also be correct.  If you’re screaming; Gay-Bashing – you would be correct. If you’re saying; Politics – you would be correct. If you’re screaming out loud; it was the Evangelical Christians – you would be correct.

This was about everything – except the chicken…

And what did we learn?  Well, we learned that the evangelical Christians of the Republican Party can pull their folks out of every little nook and cranny of this United States of America when it comes to bashing the queers.

We also learned that supporting a company who donates money to organizations that support the killing of gays in Uganda is far more important than human rights and respect in the United States of America.

We also learned that the American people are lazy. They don’t want to know the facts, they don’t want to be educated, they don’t want to have to discern the truth in anything.  They just believe what they are told by their pastors, and their political leaders as to what they perceive to be “the truth.”

What I know is this.  This was never about whether or not Chick-fil-A discriminates – for they most surely do not discriminate at the counter.  I was treated like gold when I used to go there. They were most happy to take my money with a smile and a “my pleasure.”    It’s where my money goes after it leaves the cash register that is the problem.

Dan Cathy – the owner of Chick-Fil-A – can say anything he chooses about gay marriage and he can stand on a mountain top and preach his gay-hating religion to the hordes of waffle fry eaters who will stand in line to listen and follow him until his maker comes to take him home, for that is his First Amendment right as an American.  However – when he takes Chick-Fil-A Company money and gives said money to organizations that support hate, discrimination, bigotry and in some cases the killing of people well, then he has crossed over the line of free speech. That’s more along the lines of hate-speech and that is not protected by the Constitution. That’s what this was all about.

See, it was never, ever about the chicken, it’s about what it’s always about.  This is an election year and nothing brings out that evangelical republican vote more than gays, guns and god.  It’s what I used to call the hater vote, and can now be known as the chicken vote.


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4 Responses to Chick-Fil-A – It Was About Everything Except The Chicken…

  1. Safe Bet's Amy says:

    Good post, Barb.

    I’d like to add, however, that though it is Mr. Waffle Fries “First Amendment right as an American” to stand on the mountain top and spew hate, it is MINE to be able to boycott him & everyone like him and to yell back just as loudly.

    The only difference is I won’t be whining about having my “religious beliefs” discriminated against by HIS right of free speech like he is saying about mine.

    It’s funny how the haters seem to think that free speech is a one way street.

  2. Cheryl Walters Wentz says:

    Excellent analysis

  3. Janae says:

    I’m an Evangelical Christian and I don’t hate or bash anyone. I believe the only thing that should be displayed or shouted from the mountain tops is LOVE…that is what my “maker” did and what He told me to do. Mr. Waffle Fries promotes hate. I hope you know that this Evangelical Christian loves you, your family, and your “Gift for gab”. 🙂

  4. Barbara says:

    BRAVO, Barb!! Well said….

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