Are rape jokes about men & babies as funny as rape jokes about women?

I wasn’t going to jump into the free-speech, don’t heckle the comic telling rape jokes fray, however, I find myself reading articles, shaking my head thinking: Is this what we’ve become; A funny rape joke society?

Honestly, I’ve never even heard of Daniel Tosh.  Never seen him, never heard him, didn’t even know he existed.  Now that I have heard of him, I still have no desire to see him or listen to him.  I don’t believe he should be censored, although I do believe that perhaps attending a group meeting with women who have been raped should be in order for him, just so he might understand his ignorance when it comes to women and rape.

I’m not a fan of rape jokes; I think it’s sick on any number of levels.  I suppose what bothers me the most is that his rape jokes are only about women.  I mean if rape is funny, let’s tell jokes about men being raped, and little boys and little girls.  Let’s leave no one out of the loop here.  Cover the entire rape spectrum.  Men, women, boys, girls, and babies – I’m sure there has to be some sort of joke in raping a baby!

Yes, I agree with the if you don’t like his type of humor, just get up and leave, however… what of the man sitting in the audience who might have had too much to drink and believes that yes, rape is funny and decides to see just how funny it is up close and personal? What then? Do we not place any blame on Daniel Tosh and his laissez fare attitude about women and rape when this man goes and rapes the first woman or child or baby he sees? Is he not accountable for anything he says? Is this really what free speech means?

With any freedom comes responsibility and accountability.  You have the right to express your opinion without any governmental interference as long as you follow the laws and you don’t incite violence.   Raping someone is all about violence. It’s not about sex or a woman asking for it or dressing for it or whatever other lame-ass joke is told.

Tell your rape jokes is you must.  Just remember that we need to hear some side-splitting men raping men jokes.   And how does that one go about the rapist and the baby?


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3 Responses to Are rape jokes about men & babies as funny as rape jokes about women?

  1. Cheryl Walters Wentz says:

    Well stated. Rape isn’t funny or sexual – it’s violence

  2. Barbara says:

    Right on, Barb!! Excellent writing……

  3. Ellen says:

    hmm…perhaps my earlier comment didn’t get past the moderators? There was a naughyt word in there (s****y).. I can’t replicate it now because there were links to jokes about male rape and a link to a particularly heinous display by Sharon Osborne on The Talk giggling like a maniac over a woman cutting her husband’s penis off, putting it in the blender and feeding it to the dog…One link was to a commercial 7 up ran that made fun of the idea of prison rape.

    Okay, Tosh was stupid, but you know what? Great comedians are often stupid. George Carlin said that the job of a comedian was to find that line that society refused to cross and cross it. Mel Brooks said “Comedy is if you fall down a well and die, Tragedy is if I get a paper cut”. Comedians will make jokes about horrible things and sometimes it won’t be funny, sometimes it will…I suspect the view of the listener is going to determine that.

    Jokes about male rape are so accepted in this society that they can appear in sit coms and commercials and they can be utterly ignored by women who are steamed over a joke made in a club (not on TV).

    I think the blindness women display with regards to this sort of humor about men is more important than the fact that one man made a bad joke in a club.

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