Flesh – Eating Jokes? Seriously?

I think I’m getting old.  Then again, perhaps I’m just sick of the crap…

On the Stephanie Miller show this morning they were mocking and making really sick jokes about the horrific flesh-eating incident in Miami Beach.  I actually like Stephanie Miller but, I had to turn the show off.   I found their jokes disgusting, and I wondered what was wrong with people when they can make jokes about something that is obviously not funny.  I mean, a human being was shot to death, and another human being is struggling to stay alive with no family to offer support and love.

What is funny about a homeless man?    And what is funny about a man sick enough to eat the flesh off of another man’s face?

I would think this would be a chance to address social issues, and things that are lacking in our so-called democratic society.  It would be a chance to address solutions and offer some sort of comfort and support for those who have absolutely nothing.  I have no idea what it’s like to live on the streets, but I do know I would never, ever mock or joke about those who do.  I always believed it was our responsibility to look out for each other, to do what we could to help and give comfort.  It makes me sick that we’ve become so cold and callous as a nation that we find humor in the sickest of human conditions.  Isn’t it enough that the man was living on the streets? Must you mock and joke about the physical attack on him?  What is wrong with people?  It’s like mocking the kids who ride the “short bus?”  Really? There’s humor in a disabled child?

Then again, I don’t know why I’m so surprised at this callous reaction to an obviously sick situation.  Look at what is our Presidential election…  It’s disgusting…  Both sides attacking the other – both sides trying desperately to “buy” the election with their precious super pacs. No one addressing issues that really matter.  This isn’t politics; this is just rich American hooey.

And who suffers?  Well, it’s the homeless man or woman, the homeless family, the unemployed, the folks living paycheck to paycheck who know they could end up in their car or on the street at any moment. It’s the elderly, and the mentally ill, and those who need constant care.

We don’t need jokes about how bad the human condition is in this Country.  We need people to stand up and say – this is wrong, we need to make it better. Instead of mocking and making sick jokes and giggling like a 12-year-old boy, put your time on the radio or television to good use.  Do good things, offer compassion and good will. Don’t spend precious time promoting hate and divisiveness.  It just makes you look small and silly, you know, like Rush Limbaugh.  If it was your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, or you living on the street – well, just think about it…

Americans are better than this – Well; I still like to think we are better than this…


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5 Responses to Flesh – Eating Jokes? Seriously?

  1. I’m with you Barb! There is a fine line between comedy and tragedy and some people cross well over it. This was hardly a laughing matter. I know they say laughter is the best medicine, and while that may be, we need to know when to laugh and when not. Nice piece!

  2. MaryAnn says:

    I am beyond belief what society thinks is funny! You are right, how would these people making jokes feel if it was someone that they knew. We should all be outraged! As I have said before would we stop and think about what we say or do if we had to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. As always a great post!!

  3. I have to think all the shadenfruede (this sounds like it was pretend humor but really shadenfruede ) is because at some level we –all but those super rich types–know we are really living precariously. We are ALL one quirk if fate away from disaster,

    Some people, I think, use the misfortune of others to feel less at risk. I could be wrong.

  4. Leslie says:

    Oh, Barb..I used to have your faith in mankind..i used to believe that we HAD to one day see the error(s) of our ways and take the necessary steps to mend it! I recognize the process of disbelief when it starts to sink in that in fact – we WILL NOT! Have not! And don’t seem to be inclined to!
    Human suffering seems to be almost enjoyed by other humans, making them feel somehow superior on some level (certainly not the human level..). The rate of disgusting incidences compound daily – while the ‘desperate to eat another day’ masses cannot take the time or expend the energy to care! Have we passed the tipping point? What was that movie with Mel Gibson and Tina Turner? Sigh..

  5. k.e. loe says:

    Humor is tricky. I think more than being something that is used to mock — it is employed, especially in situations that you mentioned — it is used to deflect having to actually assimilate these horrid events into our psyche. People in hospitals use very morose humor, is it appropriate? No. Is it a tool used by people who “can’t handle the truth”? Yes. You were right to turn off the radio when it passed your level of civility. I think about David Letterman’s comment after 9/11: “Is it ok to be funny yet?”. Everyone has their threshold. I see the use of humor in these cases less an individual referendum on the person making the crass jokes, and more a barometer of how we as a society handle the 24/7, instant media news cycle. I think it will get worse too.

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