Abortion – Gay Marriage – Religion – I have so many questions…

What is it about the Gay Community that frightens the Straight Community so? What is it about the Gay Community that frightens the Evangelical Community so?  I really don’t understand why there isn’t common ground to be found.  Why is it that gay folks can’t believe in Jesus and live a spiritual life in the eyes of the Evangelical? I don’t believe for a moment that Jesus was a gay-bashing preacher, so where does the gay-bashing anger come from?

I’m not being a smart-ass, I’m really asking.

I don’t understand the whole hatred thing.  I don’t understand how my 30 year relationship with Susan has endangered the world as we know it.  I don’t understand how a parent can love a child beyond all measure until the moment their child declares they are gay – and then, in a blink of an eye, that child no longer has a parent, a sibling, a family.  I don’t understand how people who profess that they live their lives according to the teachings of Jesus can talk and act and vote with so much hate in their heart.

Again – I’m not being a smart-ass, I really don’t understand.

I don’t understand the folks who go to any College or University which only allows certain people to attend. In my mind, if you only surround yourself with people just like you, and learn only the things that fit into what you believe – then I have to wonder how you will ever adjust and grow and succeed in a world that certainly doesn’t fit into any mold.  How does one learn of other cultures, or religions, or politics or history if the only thing you are learning is what you already know?  And how does one learn tolerance and understanding, and compassion when being educated in an environment that discriminates?  I’m aware that there are Universities and Colleges where I would not be permitted to attend, but really, is it a place I would want to go?

Again – I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m simply saying I do not understand.

I don’t understand how, when we all know of the inequities in the world, there are those who continue to do everything in their power to make said inequities almost impossible to overcome. We only seem to want to help people in the aftermath of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, etc.  I don’t believe the thought of helping people on a daily basis, just because it’s the humane thing to do, enters the conscious thought of most Americans.  And certainly, this humane thought doesn’t enter the conscious mind of many politicians, who do have the power to make a difference. They don’t seem to want to make a difference that might work for the common good.

Again – I honestly don’t understand.

And finally – I don’t understand these folks who fight with everything power they can buy to stop abortion, and yet… They support the death penalty and sending people to war.  And if they knew the fetus was gay – would they still want the child to be born? And if we drop bombs and kill millions of innocent children – would those deaths be okay? How do these folks determine which life is worth saving? Is there some sort of litmus test for a life worth living?

Again – I really don’t know – I’m asking.

Perhaps there are no answers – I just don’t want to believe that hatred, racism, homophobia are things we really have to live with… If only…



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12 Responses to Abortion – Gay Marriage – Religion – I have so many questions…

  1. It has nothing to do with being a Christian or with them believing it’s a a sin. It’s all bigotry and political. Both sides (republicans and democrats) are bigoted toward certain groups. For republicans it’s homosexuals. They can blame it on religion all they want, but that same religion speaks to gluttony and they have a cow when we try to legislate that. Real Christians won’t try to speak to what they believe is sin to an unbeliever. Jesus taught love and never spoke to behavior until he already had your heart. THIS GROUP that we now call Evangelical Christians are simply control freaks, not very Christlike at all and therefore, not Christians.

    • I should have added to the above comment that I AM a Christian. I can speak for TRUE Christianity because I AM a Christian. I’ve read my Bible and I do what it says.

    • barbaraweicksel says:

      Niki – this brings me to more questions I have. Is you Bible different than the one the Evangelicals read? And who determines which interpretation of the Bible is the correct one? And when you say you follow the Bible – do you follow both the old and the new testaments? Do you follow it word for word, or do you pick and choose which parts you adhere to? And what makes you a TRUE Christian in the eyes of your God? I just don’t understand how so many faiths can read the same book – and worship and believe in so many different things – and believe their way is the only way to heaven.

      • I AM an Evangelical Christian. The political whackos that call themselves Evangelical Christians are not. To be an Evangelical Christian you first jave to be a Christian, Christlile, which they are not. Secondly you have to be evangelical, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which they also do not. Jesus NEVER taught hatred, spitefulness, vengeance, entitlement or obnoxious attitudes. What Bible do theu use? I grew up in a country church in SC amd what I was taught was loosely based on the Bible amd then DEEPLY steeped in Church Culture, not Jesus. It’s taken years of recovery to get to thos point, but I now can lool back and see I was being groomed to he “one of them”. It isnt Christianity they teach.

      • What Ive seen/heard here in the Bible belt are a lot of people who dont have a clue what it is they are reading when they read the Bible. It is a collection of writongs through the centuries telling the story of a people, their beginnings, the relationship with God, seperation from hom, attwmpts to reconcile themselves to him, the final act of sacrifice that paid the price, and the evangelism of the world. Because its a story of the people you can open it at random and find cultural traditions and anecdotes if you just open it at random. It would be lile opening a history book to the Carter presidency and proclaiming that THIS is what our country is about. The collection (and hundreds of books were left out for various reasons) in it’s entirety tells the triumphs and tribulations of a people amd reveals the character of tue God they serve. Translations? Some of them are obviously BS,even King James

      • Had alterior motives in the translation he mandated. What seperates Christianity from other religions is that my God doesnt have a tomb I have to pray to. He’s alive and if I truly desire relationship, I can get to know him, not only through the Bible in my hands, but the words he speaks to my heart and the guidance I feel everyday.

  2. Cheryl says:

    It perplexes me, too. Keep blogging. The world needs your insights

  3. Kaytlyn Claire says:

    I have the same questions. I also dont understand how liberals are bigoted. Not accepting intolerance about your life isnt bigotry. But I have allllll the same questions.

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  5. Daz says:

    I started to comment but it grew, and grew and kinda got out of control and ended up as a blog-post. Hope that’s okay.

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