No Fat Chicks

There is a young man in his 20’s that has a son who is 5. He was watching his 5-year-old play baseball and noticed another little boy running around in a “No Fat Chicks” t-shirt. Instead of questioning the intelligence of the parent who purchased and allowed this little boy to wear such a t-shirt – this 20 something Father high-fived the little boy for his choice of t-shirts. I’m sure if he could have found the “No Fat Chicks” Father there would have been high-fives, fist bumps, and other displays of man bonding rituals for the 5 year olds to watch and learn from.

What chance does this young man’s son have of being raised with manners and respect for women? No chance in hell would be the correct answer, for it’s obvious that the 20-something father has no respect for women, and certainly no manners. This begs the questions: Where was this 20-something man’s Father? And why wasn’t this 20-something man taught respect for women and perhaps just a few manners? Do men no get this or do they not care? Yes, I’m aware that it’s not all men, for there are sweet, gentle, loving men who teach their sons that women are to be respected and cherished, and treated as equals.   The thing is – in my life – I can count those kind of men within the confines of my ten fingers!

What I see are generations of men who never seem to grow past the age of 12.  Men who raise little boys to believe that women are theirs for the taking, to use and discard and have no regard or respect for in any way. If you get tired of one, there’s always another to take their place. Just remember son; “No Fat Chicks.”

I don’t understand men. I’m sorry, I just don’t. I don’t dislike men, I just don’t understand them. Perhaps if I had to lug around the “package” and my entire life was based around making sure the “package” was functioning at its optimum ability 24/7, I might be a little more understanding. I don’t know, I’m just guessing.

Then again – I don’t understand women who think they must have a man in their life to make their life complete. Again – I don’t dislike those women – I just don’t understand them. You’re married to one man, he leaves you, you’re devastated, and your life is over. Two months later you’re living with another man and your life is once again perfect, you’re in love and all is right with the world. Can you really fall in and out of love in two months? I know I can’t, I’m just asking if it’s possible.

It’s my belief that we all must be comfortable with who we are when we’re alone.  You have to be able to spend time with yourself and be content and happy and fulfilled in order to be able to be happy and content and fulfilled with someone else. If you expect someone else to fill up your life, your life will never, ever be filled.

It’s also my belief that we must teach our children respect. Respect for each other, respect for the earth, respect for animals, and mostly; respect for themselves. Sadly our government is showing absolutely no respect for women, so why would be surprised that men are feeling even more empowered than usual, and passing that on to their sons. So, our sons learn from their fathers and from their fathers and from their fathers.

Test yourself.  If you had a five-year old son, would you allow him to wear any of the following?  And if that was you little boy flipping off the camera and wearing the “Peanutbutter Motherfucker” t-shirt, how proud would you be?  I’m just asking…





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9 Responses to No Fat Chicks

  1. Daz says:

    I saw a little girl a while back, seven, maybe eight years old, wearing a shirt with the slogan ‘Tart in training’. There’s at least two levels of nasty right there: the misogynous concept of ‘tart’ and the ‘humorous’ sexualisation of a prepubescent girl. Maybe it’s supposed to be ‘ironic’ or ‘post-feminist’ or something. I dunno. All I could think at the time, though, was ‘ugh!’

    • barbaraweicksel says:

      Ugh would have been in my thoughts also. My thoughts on little girls and their t-shirts and beauty pageants are most certainly for another blog! I don’t understand – I really don’t. The kids aren’t buying the t-shirts so I’m wondering what the thought process must be for a parent to purchase such t-shirts.
      Thanks for reading and following – and for the comment..

      • Daz says:

        Sort of tangential, but I blame the Spice Girls and the ‘girl power’ culture that grew up around that time. So-called girl power tried to look like feminism, but instead of trying to improve the perception and treatment of women and the behaviour of men, it ’empowered’ teen-girls by encouraging them to act like the worst examples of men. It took the lowest common denominator and gave it a feminist-sounding name. Sure, it’s equality of a sort, but with everyone on the lowest rung.

        And I realise I’ve wandered right off topic… 🙂

      • barbaraweicksel says:


  2. Debi says:

    Wow….I would be mortified if I saw a kid wearing any of the above t-shirts or that little demon giving the finger….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….respect?????? manners????? common sense????????? Somewhere it seems to have disappeared from the human race 😦 I see very little of it these days.

  3. Appalling…..but take a look at the clothing that is available for little girls – too mature, age inappropriate, looks like kiddy porn. What message are we sending our children?

    • barbaraweicksel says:

      Oh Cheryl = I so agree with you. I just happen to know this young man, and it just set me off on the whole “No Fat Chicks” thing…

  4. Great post Barb! I agree. I think that “No Fat Chicks” shirt is appalling. And not just because I am a fat chick. (LOL). I seriously don’t think we need to be teaching children as young as 5 to discriminate against anyone, for physical appearance reasons. Now, to the father, it might be completely harmless, but for the young women out there who may be struggling with weight issues, it projects the impression that we are not good enough, or worthy of something as basic as friendship or love. The superficiality that runs rampant in this world is mind-boggling to me. Judgment is far too often wielded instead of acceptance, tolerance, and understanding. Thanks for your piece. I enjoyed it.

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