Why can’t we just let people be?

I wonder why it is we just can’t let people be. Let them be who they are – live where they want – worship whatever God they chose – or don’t worship at all – marry the person they fall in love with – live where they want…

I don’t understand this about Americans, I really don’t.  Why would anyone believe they have the right to tell another how they must live? Why do Christians honestly believe that what the God they worship and the rules they follow should be the law of the land that holds hundreds of other religions?  What makes them so arrogant?  Oh yes – I know Christians believe they hold the answer to everlasting life through Jesus The Christ – but…  does this give them the right to make laws that affect say a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindu?  No, of course it does not.  It gives them the peace they need in their lives – it gives them the laws they feel they must follow to be a good and faithful servant of God – But… put that into The United States Constitution?  Of course not…

This country was founded because people wanted freedom – freedom of and from religion.  People still want this.  For the love of your God – just live  your life as you see fit – and let people be.

And what exactly is it that men fear about women? Yes, men fear women – this is why they focus so much on taking things away from us.  They don’t want us to have power – in government – in religion – in the home – in the workplace – and especially over our bodies.  Hence the need to have the power over birth control.  Men want  – no – they are obsessed with having sex and anything related to enhancing said sex – Viagra, Cealis, whatever – will be made freely available and covered by insurance. However, when a woman wants to protect herself from said sex her options are not so readily available and are not to be covered by Insurance. In a mans world I know this makes perfect sense, but through the eyes of women – this makes no sense on any level. You know as well as I do if a man could get pregnant – birth control, abortions and any other matter of contraception would be legal, readily available and covered by every insurance policy in the nation.  Men and religion should not be the only prerequisites for making laws regarding women and access to birth control.  Again I ask – Why are men so afraid of women?

And this whole gay marriage debacle… Again – I have to ask why do people believe they have the right to tell another person who they can marry? This is not a religious debate – it’s political – and religion has no place in politics. Marriage is a civil service between two people who love one another and want that love to be validated by their State – its nothing to do with religion.  People who get married by a justice of the peace or a judge are no less married than those couples who get married in a church. Marriage itself is not a religious institution.

People who are homeless or have lost their jobs don’t care who is gay and who isn’t – they want jobs and a place to live. We need to focus on the things that matter in this country and the fact that gays and lesbians want to marry the people they love and have that love validated is not something this country should be obsessed with.  We should be obsessed with creating jobs and fixing the infrastructure of this great nation.  We should be obsessed with education and healthcare for everyone – not just those who can afford it.  Teachers should be a priority in this election – not making women and gays and lesbians feel less than. I don’t understand people. I really don’t. All this hate and angst for what?

I’ll tell you for what.  For sex and religion. It’s the American way…



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5 Responses to Why can’t we just let people be?

  1. bdocorleone says:

    “Go ahead and do your thing. If you’re a singer, sing. If you’re a politician, get your political agenda on. I won’t get in the way. Just don’t interfere with me and mine or what we’re doing, and all will be well, dig?”~Brandon M Vaughan.

  2. Get ’em told, Barb – you are spot on.

  3. leslie says:

    Oh, now i can answer here..hmmm..i’m sure this wasn’t here the first time..lol..

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