January 31, 2012 – Teens and sex – should they do it at home?

So I read this article on the Huffington Post with this as its title: “Teens Having Sex At Home: should Parents Allow It or Forbid It?”

I had to read the title a few times until I really understood that this was a serious article.  I thought it was a joke, but it was a serious article with arguments for both sides of the issue.  Yes, the issue of teens having sex at home…

So, let’s be clear – I have no children so I really don’t have the knowledge of knowing how it feels to have teenagers – however, I can tell you that it was not something my mother would have ever considered!

Are things really any different from what they were when I was a teenager some 40 odd years ago?  Are teenagers in 2012 any more ready for sex than they were in the 1960’s?

My God – I don’t believe we’re ready to drive when we’re 15 or 16, let alone ready for the responsibility of sex, and it is most certainly a responsibility.

There are so many questions.  If you allow your children to have sex at home are you in some way telling them it’s okay to be promiscuous? Or do you only allow them to have sex at home if they are in a loving relationship? And really – at 13 do we even know what a loving relationship is? At 30 – do we know what a loving relationship is?

And if you don’t allow them to have sex at home – are you pushing them out the door and into the back seat of a car or onto a blanket at the beach?  I mean if you forbid it aren’t you just making it more enticing for them?

And what of children who live with their parents when they are in their 20’s and 30’s? Do they have sex at home?  And if a child is over 21, working, going to school and being responsible, and living at home – can a parent really control what happens in their bedroom? And should they have that sort of control?  I know of a man in his 30’s living at home – he brings his girl home all the time.

From what I hear when I listen to the kids who visit my local Starbucks when I’m there – it’s all about tapping this girl and blowing this guy and how they love doing the x when they’re having sex, and “omg – do you swallow – I never swallow!”  And they couldn’t have been a day over 15, dressed in shorts that left absolutely nothing to the imagination and tops that invited this sort of exchange!

I had to get online and find an urban dictionary to bring myself up to date with the whole tapping thing.  Tapping has replaced the f ___ word!  You know – “Man – I’d like to tap that” – sort of thing…  and x is ecstasy – the illegal drug of choice for young people these days for enhancing any number of thing!

Personally – I’ve always held to the belief that sex changes everything. You can say it won’t – you can say it doesn’t – but… it does – it changes everything.

And if it doesn’t – well – I believe that it should.

Sex shouldn’t just be about tapping or blowing whoever. I think we’ve made sex out to be this casual thing when the truth is – it’s the most personal thing you can ever do with someone. Shouldn’t it be more than a tap and a blow?  And shouldn’t this be what parents are talking to their kids about?

I understand the where you have sex talk, but shouldn’t there also be the why you have sex talk? and the how you have sex talk?  and the whole respect the person sex talk?

The only talk I’m hearing is the tappin’ and the blowin’ and the: ” Dude – I need to find me some x.”

Oh yeah – they’re ready for sex – At home or away from home!




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1 Response to January 31, 2012 – Teens and sex – should they do it at home?

  1. Thanks for educating me about “tapping”. I was not aware of that term.

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