January 30, 2012 – I want retribution – and I want it now!

I’m working daily on letting things go – but…  there are some things and some people who just make forgive, forget and ignore an impossibility – at least for me, it’s seems to be a losing battle.

See – I want to see some real redemption on their part. I want to know they regret their actions or at least feel bad about it. I want to know that on some level they are suffering for what they’ve done. I want to see some sort of justice – some retribution, if you will.

Yes, I know this is childish, yes, I know this is not healthy, and yes, I know this isn’t part of the – move on with my life plan.

Still – it’s the people who do whatever they please – say whatever they please – act however they please – these self-serving folks who go through their lives with no one, myself included,  having the nerve to look at them and say “Shut up” that make me crazy.  There are no consequences because no one will address the issues, and this person knows full well that no one will address the issues – so the self-serving, condescending cycle goes on and on and on.

Don’t tell me you don’t understand what I’m talking about – You know exactly what I’m talking about, and you probably are thinking of a few people in your life right now that you can pin this self-serving label on.

It’s okay – be honest and just admit it.  You want to see some retribution also. If it can’t come at your hands – you just want to be around to see it happen. You know you do!

I don’t want bodily harm, I just want them to experience the pain that comes when someone condescends to you, or treats you like you don’t exist, or walks all over you and your feelings with no second thoughts whatsoever.

Now, I don’t think this is too much to ask – however – the Universe seems to have another plan which I most certainly do not understand.

Perhaps the lesson is for me – perhaps I am to learn patience and I am to learn that the Universe will answer these questions when the time is right, and all people everywhere will answer for their actions, that retribution will come in the hereafter.

Perhaps – but I’d feel better if I could maybe just get a glimpse of the retribution in the here and now – Just sayin…



About barbaraweicksel

My home is San Diego, CA - a most beautiful city. Mountains to the East, Pacific Ocean to the West, and the desert in between the mountains and the ocean. Beauty everywhere, but... The world is full of beauty, and I do love to travel. what I hope to share on these pages are my thoughts and some photos of the world as I see and experience it. I'd be happy to have you along on the journey - and then join me while I'm at home...
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1 Response to January 30, 2012 – I want retribution – and I want it now!

  1. Kate Flannery says:

    I concur!!!

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