January 24, 2012 – Are you morally correct, or do you just believe you are?

“Your opinion is nothing but your point of view. It is no necessarily true. Your opinion comes from your own beliefs, your own ego, and your own dreams.”  – don Miguel Ruiz

Susan and I talk about this all the time.  We are forever saying to each other: “Just because you feel that way doesn’t make it right.”  We’d like to believe that our point of view is the only right answer; however, it most surely is not.

The problems arise when people really believe they hold the only opinion that matters, and the only way is the way they say.

Some believe they have the correct answer because they believe the answers come from God, however this again is just their belief. The opinion of a few should not be the law for millions.

Then again – what exactly are moral issues and where do you fit in with the “norm” of society? And if you’re a Christian, are your morals defined by your Biblical principles and not societies? And how do we know who is right and who is wrong?

If we gathered a group of 20 people from all different walks of life and asked them to give us their response to ten moral issues what do you believe the answers would be.  Think about the 10 moral issues listed below and imagine sitting with your friends and family.  Lord help me – if I sat with my family and friends and discussed these things… There would be no agreement on any of them.

  1. Adultery
  2. Abortion
  3. Homosexuality
  4. Fighting in a war
  5. Murder
  6. Pornography
  7. Gambling
  8. Cheating
  9. Illegal drug use
  10. Tattoos

We can’t all be right – and we can’t all be wrong.  What we must do is respect one another and respect other’s opinions, even though they go against what you believe in with every fiber of your being.  We all come at decisions with different life lessons, with different life experiences. Every life matters – every opinion matters. Doesn’t mean it’s right – it just means it matters.


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My home is San Diego, CA - a most beautiful city. Mountains to the East, Pacific Ocean to the West, and the desert in between the mountains and the ocean. Beauty everywhere, but... The world is full of beauty, and I do love to travel. what I hope to share on these pages are my thoughts and some photos of the world as I see and experience it. I'd be happy to have you along on the journey - and then join me while I'm at home...
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