January 17, 2012 – Politics & Politicians: Make them go away…

It’s only the 17th day of this New Year and already I’m muting political stuff on the television. I’m bypassing political stories in the paper, I’m not reading political blogs, I’m not clicking on political stories on Facebook – I’m sick of all the crap – already!

I’m afraid of just how low we will stoop to nominate and then elect someone.  If Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry are examples of how low the Republicans will stoop, then God help us all until November finally gets here.  I see myself sitting with my Nook Color reading books, playing Angry Birds and streaming old movies on Netflix the entire year!

I can’t even listen to Keith Olbermann, Ed Shultz or any of the other leftie folks on a daily basis.  I’ll listen to Rachel Maddow because I don’t think she’s yelling at me, and she isn’t rude or obnoxious, and most of the time she’s fair.  Besides that – I think she’s cute! But, I can’t even take Rachel on a daily basis, and it’s only January!!!

By the time November rolls around who knows what the United States will look like.  It appears to be heading toward more of our rights taken away, more people unemployed, more folks sick with no health care, more of us giving up more and more to make ends meet. More folks working way into their 70’s because they need the money to live on. The rich getting richer and the poor not having a face or a voice in a world that just doesn’t see them, and the middle class stuck in the middle paying for the rich and the poor.

My feeling is this – If these politicians really cared about any of its citizens they would put politics aside and work for the common good. They would ban any lobbyist from the buildings in Washington DC, shut the doors and work out plans to rebuild the economy and along with that the trust of the American people. If they really cared about something other than what’s in in for them, and if they could possibly stop posturing and start working, maybe – just maybe – we could turn things around.

Until I see any semblance of that happening – I won’t be listening or reading or voting…  I mean – it’s only January – they have time…


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My home is San Diego, CA - a most beautiful city. Mountains to the East, Pacific Ocean to the West, and the desert in between the mountains and the ocean. Beauty everywhere, but... The world is full of beauty, and I do love to travel. what I hope to share on these pages are my thoughts and some photos of the world as I see and experience it. I'd be happy to have you along on the journey - and then join me while I'm at home...
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