January 15, 2012 – Does football really need children selling religion?

There we were watching the Denver Bronco’s play the New England Patriots in the Playoff game.  Imagine our surprise when on the television came little children reciting the Bible to us. We kept watching waiting to see what was really happening in this commercial. Well, what was really happening was little children reciting the Bible.

My anger and frustration with this commercial is on several levels.

If I wanted to be preached to I would go to church. I don’t want to see it on television in the middle of a professional football game. It’s bad enough that we as consumers are bombarded with commercials about beer and 4-­hour erections the entire time the game is on the air. Not all of us drink, and not all of us require the 4-hour erections to make our lives complete. I’m not sure where Go Daddy is going, but, I do eat the Doritos and I enjoy the talking little boy and his e-trade apps! I understand that commercials are a part of life but, do you really want to sell Jesus?

I’m not that naïve that I don’t understand that the world is run by those who have the most money. Obviously CBS took Focus on the Family’s money and put this commercial on the air.  Money talks, I know this. What I want to know is if the same amount of money had been brought to CBS by a Muslim Mosque would we have been listening to children reciting the Koran to us?  And how would the Christians feel about that commercial?

We all know that the Muslim commercial would never have seen the light of day in this country. This country where freedom of religion also includes the freedom FROM religion.

Now for those of you who say – Barb it’s only a commercial – let it go, I say; what do you know about Focus on the Family?

Focus on the Family is not a religious organization – it’s an organization of hate, and they hate me. I’m a lesbian and according to their founder James Dobson – if I were to be allowed to marry my partner Susan it would be the end of western civilization.  Dobson also predicted on his radio program that allowing same-sex marriage in the United States would lead to “group marriage,” “marriage between daddies and little girls,” or “marriage between a man and his donkey.”  It’s not okay that money bought this organization 30 seconds on the air. It’s wrong – on many levels.

CBS is supposed to have a policy to not air ads that advocate a political cause. Gay marriage has long been a political cause because of organizations like Focus on the Family. And yet – there they were in the middle of an NFL Playoff Game.

At least the beer commercials are done by organizations which support gays and lesbians. Bud Lite – Anheuser Busch – was one of the major sponsors of our San Diego Pride weekend last year. I can tolerate the beer commercials because I know the companies support me. I don’t like the whole – you have to drink to enjoy the game aspect – but at least I know they don’t think I’m going to marry my goat.

So, before you tell me to just get over it – try and understand where I’m coming from. Every day, in one form or another, I have to defend my rights as an American, who I love, and who I am as a person. Is it too much to ask to just be able to watch some football without doing anything other eat my Doritos and yell at the Ref?

Football is Football – Religion is Religion – Keep them separate…


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2 Responses to January 15, 2012 – Does football really need children selling religion?

  1. Barb, I totally agree with you. Didn’t see the commercial but a month or so ago I drove by a group of children holding placards preaching hate for a religious hate group. Really disturbing. This was taking place on the most traveled street in the richest, most luxurious section of Houston. The teaching of hate and bigotry apparently starts very young.

  2. rachelsemancipation says:

    love your site

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